About our company

CinSere facilitates everything that’s necessary in order for your legal department to run smoothly and efficiently while reducing the companies’ overall cost and legal exposure.

No first or last name, just legal, and often perceived as the “necessary evil” at the end of a business cycle. At CinSere we believe that “legal” should not be an abstract people go to just because it is a company procedure. Today, legal should be a core competence of every organization, large and small. In order to do business, you have to know your legal exposure on all fronts and make conscious choices on how to deal with them effectively. Unfortunately companies are under constant pressure to reduce legal cost, while confronting more and riskier legal work. This results in overloaded and understaffed legal departments, constantly operating in a reactive state. To add real value to a business, legal should proactively support the primary objectives of the organization. In order to achieve this, it’s necessary to understand the business objectives and (re-)align legal operations with those objectives. That is key to minimizing risks, costs and resources while maximizing value.

And that is exactly what we do:
At CinSere we scan, plan, execute and repeat you into legal control!

Do you only go to ‘legal’ when you have a problem? Then you are undervaluing an important and strategic company asset. To create more business value, legal has to become part of the business. The ability to efficiently manage technology, processes and people has become key to the success of legal departments and increasingly that means using a dedicated legal manager. CinSere can support your organization by aligning the legal workload with its primary objectives. Lawyers excel at giving legal advice. We make them excel at managing your legal department. Our expertise in legal practice, combined with great business acumen, enables our certified professionals to quickly determine your legal exposure and support the efficient management of your legal needs.

Core values


We say what we do and we do what we say


We only do what really needs to get done


We practice the highest ethical standards


We focus on your goals before anything else


We don't walk away from our responsibilities