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CinSere reduces your legal spend by negotiating (alternative) fees with new or existing outside counsel. CinSere also conducts rate and billing oversight. Additionally CinSere also helps reduce costs through its iN-Control program.


CinSere reduces your legal exposure by aligning the operations of the legal department with your organizations vision, mission, objectives and strategies. By anchoring “legal” within the business CinSere ensures that processes and procedures are followed and controlled.


CinSere makes sure that (procedural) bridges are created between the legal department and your business stakeholders. CinSere iN-Control programs expedite process times while improving the overall quality of work. In doing so it reduces overall company workload.


CinSere provides in-house courses that are tailored to the specific needs of your legal department. By training your legal department, CinSere enables them to excel at managing your legal affairs efficiently by combining technology, processes and people.

Services overview

KPI’s and analytics

We help create the legal departments’ key performance indicators. We analyze performance metrics, establish objectives, develop improvement plans to meet those objectives and manage progress. Because we take on many of the non-legal responsibilities, general counsel are freed up to deal with the legal issues.

Legal project management

We provide project management services for a variety of projects within the legal department. Our project management services focus on managing efficiently planned legal services and permits more accurate forecasting and budgeting. We typically oversee a variety of projects such as the implementation of new or updated technology and systems.

Knowledge management

We assist with knowledge management of your department, developing and overseeing systems and technology for efficiently creating, storing, and sharing written material. We assist in the preparation of procedures and policies on storing and sharing of (sensitive) legal information.

Strategy and positioning

We assist in strategic planning for the legal department including the development of company objectives and the metrics to evaluate progress toward those objectives. We monitor progress and report periodically.

Department operations

We assist with the day-to-day department operations including anything from drafting procedures to workflow management, e.g. contracting, corporate housekeeping, compliance, governance, regulatory, litigation management, risk management and IP protection.

Finance and budgeting

We manage the legal costs and expenses. Related activities typically include budgeting and forecasting, as well as measuring KPI’s against budgets. We ensure that budgets are met and can serve as the liaison between the legal and the financial department.

Outside counsel management

In order to control your legal expenses, we assist you with outside counsel relations, including the selection of legal service providers, alternative fee arrangements, overseeing rates, billing and compliance with company policies and billing guidelines and outside counsel performance management.

Team and training

We assist you with hiring and management of all legal department personnel as well as workload allocation, training and development, and performance reviews (KPI’s), including working with the general counsel/HR to develop succession plans and coordinating professional development.

Systems and technology

We identify the legal department’s needs, oversee technology programs, develop technology roadmaps and manage the legal department’s technology resources. We serve as liaisons with the corporate IT department regarding technical support and integration of the law department’s processes with companywide systems.